Thursday 7th September, 2017 - 7:30 pm 
Salisbury Lodge (See below for details)



The quiz will comprise of general knowledge and Masinic questions. The composition of the questions will change depending if an Entered Apprentice or a Fellowcraft is in attendance.


Para Districts Masonic Centre (details below)
5th Mar 1925 
SA - Metropolitan North 
7:30 pm, First Thursday, Every Month From February (no meeting in January 
Mr Simon Husker
(08) 8258 3463 (AH) PO Box 385, Salisbury, South Australia, 5108
Mr Peter Mayne
Details in Lodge Monthly Summons
Rev. Richard Burr
Mr Ted Fisk
Mr Theo Spartalis
Para Districts Masonic Centre
77 Philip Highway
Elizabeth South, South Australia, 5112
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