The 173rd Installation of a Worshipful Master of Adelaide Lodge was conducted on Tuesday 20th September 2016. 


It was a very successfull Installation, under the guidance of RWBro. Andrew Charlton (Deputy  Grand Installing Master), and VWBro.Wayne Hancock (Grand Director of Ceremonies).


Worshipful Master Vaughan Fred Levi was Installed for a fifth time. (This equals the record held by the Foundation Worshipful Master James Bennett.) 


(Pictured Left) WBro. Brittain being presented by VWBro. Irvine with his 65th Bar)


For 172 years, Adelaide Lodge has had its Installation on the Tuesday closest to St. John the Baptist’s Day. This year however, due to the absence overseas of WBro. Levi, it was held in September on his return.


WBro.Trevor Molde thus had the honour of being the longest continuing Worshipful Master of Adelaide Lodge.  This is for a period of 15 months.


Just prior to the end of the Installation, WBro. Brittain was presented with his 65th Bar  by VWBro. John Irvine PDGS, who was fully informed with WBro. Brittain's Masonic history.


Entertainment was provided by the Adelaide Drum and Pipe Band and the usual Scottish toasts were repeatedly honoured.