On the 8th July 2016 at the Marden Masonic Centre, The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for Australia (affectionately known as the "Rose Croix") in Region 5, which covers South Australia and the Northern Territory, held a Ceremony of Installation to install a new District Commander of the District of South Australia Flinders.


The District Commander designate was V\Ill\ Bro. Alan Wells 33° who had been one of several Brethren nominated by his predecessor, V.Ill. Bro. Fred Pearmain 33° KCoM, for the appointment. On the recommendation of the Regional Commander, M.Ill. Bro. Andrew Charlton 33°, he was appointed by The Supreme Council of the 33° for Australia to be the new District Commander for a five-year term.


The Supreme Council comprises the Sovereign Grand Commander and 8 Regional Commanders from around Australia. V\Ill\ Bro. Wells travelled to Sydney (known as the Grand East) to have the 33° conferred on him at a ceremony held on the16th June in preparation for his Installation.


 The Most Wise Sovereign, Ill\Bro. Ken Robertson 30° opened the Payneham St Aidan Sovereign Chapter at 7:00 p.m. to commence the Ceremony and then proceeded to receive and welcome visiting Brethren from the Sovereign Council and Sovereign Chapters from the District. The meeting was well attended with around 50 brethren in attendance, ranging in rank from 18° through to 33° Freemasons. Two of those present, V\Ill\ Bro. Fred Pearmain 33° KCoM and Em\Bro. Alan Lindley 32°KCoM, are Knight Commanders of the Order of Merit, the highest of the awards for merit in the AAASR and such awards are rarely made.


The Installing Officer, Regional Commander M\Ill\Bro. Andrew Charlton 33° made a spectacular entrance preceded by a Grand Sword Bearer and accompanied by members of the 33° of the AAASR. He was welcomed by the Most Wise Sovereign and assumed the Chair, addressed the Brethren and proceeded with the Ceremony of Installation in due form.


The District Commander designate, V\Ill\ Bro. Alan Wells 33°, was presented to the East and duly installed as the District Commander. After the Proclamation was read, V.Ill. Bro. Alan Wells 33° then proceeded to announce that Ill\ Bro. William McBride 30° was appointed as his District Recorder with the approval of the Regional Commander.


At the completion of proceedings, the Most Wise Sovereign, Ill\ Bro. Ken Robertson 30° MWS of the Payneham St Aidan Sovereign Chapter resumed the chair, thanked the Brethren for their attendance, closed the Chapter and invited all in attendance to join him at the Refectory.


At the completion of the Ceremony, V\Ill\ Bro. Fred Pearmain 33° invited Brethren who took part in the Ceremony to gather in the East in front of the altar with V\Ill\ Bro. Alan Wells 33°. Photos were then taken to commemorate this auspicious occasion.


The Brethren then retired to the Refectory to honour the usual Masonic toasts appropriate to the occasion and fraternised well into the evening.


Sovereign Chapters are located throughout South Australia and the Northern Territory. If you are interested in finding out more about the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for Australia (Rose Croix), click on the below link, there you will find a list of Sovereign Chapters that are available for you to join and the contact details of each Chapter, your next regular step in Freemasonry is only a click away.





 Most of the 33rds Degree Masons present

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