On Saturday, 11th August 2018, WBro. Jaan Neps, (until recently a member of Adelaide Mark Lodge No.1), was presented with his Fifty Year Mark Service Jewel by the Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of South Australia and the Northern Territory of Australia, RWBro. Nick Vesotsky, in the company of several Brethren who attended the Nursing Home in Mount Barker where WBro. Neps resides.


An Afternoon Tea was the order of the day and many memories were revisited with WBro. Neps speaking fondly of his time as a railwayman, in addition to his Masonic career and the many Brethren he had the pleasure of knowing.


He had recently been presented with his Fifty Year Craft Service Jewel and wore both Jewels proudly.


Although the weather was wintery, the sun shone during the visit and WBro. Neps was delighted by the occasion.





WBro. Jaan Neps receiving his Jewel from the Deputy Grand Master



A Proud Brother: WBro. Jaan Neps and those who shared in his delight

L-R: WBro. Jim Beveridge, RWBro. Bruce Morrison (Craft), WBro. Alan Millikan,

VWBro. Mike Fitzhenry, RWBro. Nick Vesotsky and WBro. Ric Matthews (Craft)