Glenelg Lodge No. 117  held a Re-Affirming Twinning Ceremony with Corinthian Lodge No. 34 at the

Edwardstown Masonic complex at its regular meeting on Thursday 14th August 2014. 


This is the third Ceremony between the two Lodges with the first held in April 2005.  The signing of the Twinning Certificate was between  the Worshipful Master of Glenelg Lodge No. 117, WBro. John Bates and a representative from Corinthian Lodge No. 34, WBro. Jeff Green (in the absence of their Worshipful Master).  WBro. Green had been the Worshipful Master of Corinthian Lodge in the Twinning Ceremony of 2005.


The Assistant Grand Master, RWBro. Max Murrie was in attendance and took part in the meeting by presenting Bro. Mark Bates, son of the Worshipful Master with his Master Mason's Certificate.  This was followed by the presentation to RW.Bro. Bruce Thredgold of his first 5-year bar to his 50-year Veterans Jewel by Bro. Ross Bowles.



(Above) The signing of the Twinning Certificate



(Above) The AGM, RWBro. Max Murrie presenting Bro. Mark Bates with his Master Mason's Certificate