On the 28th of March 2014 at Edwardstown Lodge’s regular meeting WBro. John Stribley

had the Grand rank of Junior Grand Deacon conferred on him by the District Grand Superintendent of Metro south VWBro. Des Baker.









(Left) DGS of Metro South VWBro. Des Baker and WBro. John Stribley













WBro. Stribley has had a long and industrious career in Freemasonry.


He started his Masonic career in the Parkside Lodge where he was initiated on the 23rd November 1981, Passed to the 2nd Degree on 27th April 1982 and raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason on the 27th September 1982.


WBro. Stribley progressed through the ranks and reached the position of Master of Parkside Lodge on 26th July 1988. He transferred to Edwardstown Lodge on Parkside Lodge closing and has held the position of Treasurer in Edwardstown Lodge for a total of 21 years.


He has also been the Treasurer of the Edwardstown Hall Management Committee for 16 years. Previous to his latest conferment, John was conferred the Grand Rank of Past Grand Standard Bearer in 2007 for his outstanding work in the Lodges that he has been a member of in this Jurisdiction.