On Friday 13th June 2014, WBro. John Powell was presented with his 50 year Veterans Jewel

by MWBro. John Stone PGM during the Lodge Concordia monthly meeting.  Both Johns have a special affiliation as both are members of Kingston Lodge No 161 and both are members of the 1974 Past Masters Association.  The night was made special by the presence of three Brethren that travelled from Kingston Lodge No 161, WBro. Reg Lyon (Worshipful Master), WBro Ian Cobiac and WBro. Graham Hutchings DGS who made the round trip of 600 kms on the night to share this special occasion with John. 




(Pictured Right)

WM WBro. Fred Kahmann (Lodge Concordia No 226), MWBro. John Stone PGM, WBro. John Powell (Lodge Concordia No 226/Kingston Lodge No 161), WBro. Reg Lyon (Kingston Lodge No 161) and WBro. Graham Hutchings (Kingston Lodge No 161)





John highlighted that his introduction to Freemasonry was "when nearing the completion of his apprenticeship and on learning that he intended to go to sea", the elderly Scottish fitter with whom he worked told him that “The first thing you have to do is become a Freemason as you will never be without friends”.  John worked as a Marine Surveyor and found this advice to be very true.


John was initiated in St Peters Collegiate Lodge No. 53 on 22nd March 1951 and was finally raised on 18th October 1954, all three degrees being conducted at emergency meetings due to his regular absence at sea.  On leaving the sea in 1959, he attended Lodge regularly and was Master of that Lodge in 1974 and in 1984 when the warrant was surrendered.


John joined Lodge Concordia No 226 in April 1998, the intervening years being taken up with family and yacht racing.  John and his wife of over 50 years, Barbara have three children and five grandchildren.  They are now living in Robe and John has become a member of Kingston Lodge.


John has held the following Lodge Concordia Officer positions: Inner Guard, Junior and Senior Deacon, Junior Warden and Care Officer.  John’s commitment to the ongoing survival of Lodge Concordia is most evident by his travel from Robe to attend monthly meetings to fulfil his role as Junior Warden.