On Wed 12th March 2014, the Grand Master (MW Bro Robert Parsons) met with newly-made Entered Apprentices (together with their mentors) in Freemason’s Hall.


The evening began in the Great Hall where the Grand Master introduced himself to Entered Apprentices (and their mentors). It was highlighted by chatting, laughter…as well as some welcoming beer, wine and soft drinks.


During the formal part of the evening, the Grand Master made an address to the new brethren and invited his Deputy (RW Bro Stephen Michalak) to deliver a short, 30 minute audio-visual presentation on the history, values and direction of Freemasonry within our jurisdiction.


This presentation took place in the Glover Room and afterwards the Grand Master invited  the brethren to the first floor Boardroom, where the evening ended as it had begun - with some refreshments and exchanges of contact details between brethren.


Given the very positive feedback received, we are planning additional evenings during this coming Masonic Year. It is also our intention to extend it to newly-made Fellowcrafts and Master Masons.


We would like to express our thanks to some of the brethren who came along that evening and provided feedback… Bros Drew Pattie, Will Harrison, Mark Bates, Rob De Bono, Clive Sayers, Rhys Sandery,

Paddy O’Rourke, Geoff Semaphore, Walter Hirschausen, Robert Beer, Rob McDonald and Dean Fisher.  To every brother who came along – thank you for making the evening so very memorable because of your contribution.

Some of the feedback…

  • “Very enjoyable and liked the philosophy”
  • “Looking forward to the next lecture”
  • “Important to get more to attend”
  • “Very interesting”
  • “Excellent, engaging and knowledgeable”
  • “Well done”
  • “I will return for more”
  • “Was a very interesting talk”
  • “Very good story behind the presentation”

All we would like to do is extend our warmest, welcoming invitation for newly-made Entered Apprentices, Fellowcrafts and Master Masons to come along to the next event  and get into the spirit of things.


These are special evenings designed to help new brethren enjoy a taste of what being a member of our Masonic Community in SA/NT is all about.