Movember may have lost some of its novelty value but this didn't stop a group of committed brethren

from raising nearly $3000 towards the fight against Cancer. 


The amount raised in 2013 represents a 30% improvement on the 2012 effort and offers a clear indication that this annual event has some legs in it yet.  The theme of 2013's Movember appears to have been shaving rather than growing. 


Three standout cases include WBro. Lloyd Miller of Tea Tree Gully Lodge who shaved his moustache off after 30 years of upper-lip occupation.  WBro. Bill Charnock of Port Pirie United Lodge likewise, shaved his beard off for the first time in 32 years. 


The ‘hair’ apparent in 2013 was undoubtedly WBro. David Stokes of McDouall-Stuart Lodge who shaved his beard off after being fully bearded for 40 years. 


As the regional manager for the Central Desert Shire Council, he manages an area of 288,000 square kilometres and is well known throughout this massive area.  He used his popularity to good effect by placing collection tins throughout this area and in Alice Springs in particular, raising $1000 in the process.