Alice Springs Lodge No. 156 : Alice Springs Lodge No. 156 conducted its Installation Meeting on

Friday 1st  August 2014.


It was a great pleasure for the Brethren of the Lodge to have the MW Grand Master of SA and NT in attendance and acting as Installing Master. This was the second year in a row that the Grand Master has carried out this role for Alice Springs Lodge No. 156.

The meeting took place at the Harry Griffiths Masonic Hall in Alice Springs, and received excellent support from not only local Grand Lodge officers, but also from Darwin based Brethren along with a contingent from South Australia who accompanied the Grand Master.


The GDC for the evening was VWBro. Peter Crispe DGDC, who is also the DC in their Twinning Lodge - United Service Lodge No. 37.  In  addition to the Grand Master the current Senior Grand Warden was also present (Darwin based RWBro. Colin Hallenstein). 


Following the meeting, an informal Festive Board was held in the Lodge dining room. A number of the wives and partners of both local and visiting brethren had earlier dined at a local restaurant.     


In addition to the Craft Grand Officers that made the trip from Adelaide and Darwin the

MW Grand Master of Mark Masons of SA & NT, MWBro John H. W. Carter and RWBro. Ian Pontifex, PDGM of Mark Masons SA & NT were also in attendance.


It is always an honour to have Grand Mark Officers present on occasions such as this, and along with adding some extra colour in the East, it also gives something of an insight for newer Brethren into what and who the Mark and Grand Mark Lodges are.                   

WBro. Peter Flink was reinstalled as Worshipful Master, to serve a second term. It is envisaged that there is to be a productive and enjoyable year ahead, and the Brethren are looking forward to working with the WM for the betterment of their Lodge.


One particularly pleasing aspect of the night was to see that all of the Officers positions from Junior Warden through to Inner Guard are now occupied by Master Masons, which gives reason to have confidence in current and future management of the Lodge.


McDouall Stuart Lodge No. 219:  The Installation and Investiture of the WM William O’Flaherty and Officers of the McDouall Stuart Lodge No. 219  occurred on Saturday 2nd August 2014.


The Lodge was most grateful that the MW Grand Master Robert Parsons, the VW GDC Peter Crispe and the RW AGDC Dario Priori accepted their invitation -  some 12 months prior - to return to the Centre of Australia.


With them there was a fine retinue of 17 Grand Lodge Officers plus the MW GM of Mark Masons John H. W. Carter and PDGM of Mark Masons Ian  R. Pontifex, who travelled from both Adelaide and Darwin to ensure the evening was conducted with plenty of aplomb.


The DC for the Installation and Investiture was AGDC RWBro. Dario Priori, who is a member of John McDouall Stuart Lodge  No. 219’s Twinning Lodge - Leonardo da Vinci Lodge No 238 .


At the completion of formalities everyone adjourned to the Chifley Resort to join their partners and friends for the Festive Board which proved to be a very enjoyable evening.