An Update

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The My Eye Health Program was launched at the October Conference and Communication in 2010 by the Governor of South Australia. Freemasons throughout South Australia and the Northern Territory have elected to be responsible for setting up the infrastructure to enable the program to be delivered by the professionals from the Royal Society for the Blind. To this end the coordinating committee has contacted more than thirty local governing bodies both metropolitan and country, with a view to getting their support and enabling them to be stakeholders in this unique program.


Appointments are being made with these Councils to enable representatives of selected Lodges together with their District Grand Superintendents and members of the coordinating committee to ascertain the various groups in those communities that may well benefit from this program. Such groups as schools, residents of retirement villages, local sporting clubs, service clubs etc, are but a few of the groups that could be contacted. The 'host' Lodges would then contact those groups through the coordinating committee and arrange with them a time and place that would be suitable for the presentation of the program to their members. The role of the District Superintendent is vital in this process. They have been well briefed and in several cases have already set the process in motion.


Presentations have been planned for Port Pirie (Port Pirie United), Strathalbyn (Lodge St. John), Walkerville Council area (Earl of Chester Lodge), and have already occurred at Murray Bridge (Murray Bridge Lodges) and at Witton (Endeavour Daytime Lodge).


The planning is taking a long time, but we are getting there. This program is one way that we, as Freemasons, can demonstrate what we stand for and our involvement in the community. We look for support from all Lodges throughout the life of the program which will be at least for two years,


Geoff Tucker

Chairman of coordinating committee