On 26th August 2016 Edwardstown Lodge held their first meeting of their Masonic year. With many items on the Agenda to work through it was a busy and entertaining evening. The meeting was broken into two sections incorporating an Open Twinning Ceremony.


First the Lodge was opened and proceedings started as tradition dictates, conducting the customary reading of the Warrant which was undertaken by Edwardstown Lodge's newest member, Entered Apprentice Bro. Ben Chard.


Secondly, VWBro. Jock Riach was invested as a Steward, as he had been on leave during the Installation.


(L to R) WBro. Gary Joerin (Edwardstown Lodge)  and WBro. Ian Johnson (Earl of Chester Lodge) signing the Re-Affirmation of Twinning Certificate


Third item was a presentation of Master Masons Certificates to Brethren Luke Nash and Rick Jurlina. The Certificates were presented by the Worshipful Master, WBro. Gary Joerin.  This was done in traditional Ritual format and concluded the official part of the Meeting.


The Lodge was then closed and the visitors invited in to witness the open Twinning Ceremony.


The first Twinning Ceremony between these two Lodges took place four years ago on 19th June 2012 and this arrangement has worked extremely well for both Lodges.


On this occasion Edwardstown Lodge decided to hold an open Twinning Ceremony. The Brethren of both Lodges, along with many visitors - and nine candidates - assembled in the Edwardstown Lodge Hall, accompanied by a representative of Grand Lodge, namely VWBro. Keith Jones, DGS of Metro South for a Re-Affirmation of the Twinning arrangement.


The tradition of Twinning between the Lodges traces its origins to the early co-operation between the members of both Lodges who assisted each other in such tasks as filling Officer’s positions, sharing of Candidates and assisting with Ritual, when required to do so.


The holding of this Twinning Ceremony between the two Lodges and the subsequent signing of the Certificates by both Worshipful Masters seals a continuation of that tradition and a long standing bond of friendship between the Lodges for meetings, social gatherings and workings which has been very beneficial to both Lodges in the past and will be for years to come.


The next Twinning Ceremony is planned for the Earl of Chester Centenary celebrations in three years time.


After the proceedings were complete everyone was invited to the Festive Board, which was in a casual stand up setting to enable brethren, visitors and candidates to acquaint themselves with each other which worked really well and saw everyone fraternising well into the evening.


The Brethren of both lodges including DGS Metro South assembled above