On Wednesday the 20th April 2016, five Brethren from Quorn Lodge No. 59, and three ladies, travelled to Worumba Station 28 kms. from Hawker to present a Fifty-Five and Sixty Year Bar to WBro. Lindsay Clarke.


Due to his age, health and distance from Quorn WBro. Clarke is unable to attend Quorn meetings in the evenings.


WBro. Colin Struck, Master of Quorn Lodge No. 59 spoke on behalf of Quorn Lodge and WBro. Richard Warwick was given the honour of presenting the Bars to WBro. Clarke as they both had travelled many kilometres together attending Lodge at Orroroo and other Lodges throughout the State.


Lindsay Milton Clarke joined Freemasonary in 1954 as a member of the Orroroo Lodge No. 40 and served as Master in 1972  He remained a member of that Lodge until it closed. He then became a member of The Mount Remarkable Lodge No. 40 which was consecrated in 1997 as the result of the amalgamation of Orroroo No. 40 and The Mount Remarkable Lodge No. 62. When this Lodge closed WBro. Clarke joined Quorn Lodge No. 59 in 2002 and is still a member.


In 1974 WBro. Clarke joined the Orroroo Mark Lodge and served as Master in 1981 and when that Lodge closed he joined Victoria Mark Lodge and is still a member.


He served both Degrees as a Grand Lodge Officer and travelled widely enjoying his Masonic career.