On the 2nd June 2016 the MacDonnell Royal Arch Chapter No. 22,  located at the Brighton Masonic Centre, worked the Red Cross of Babylon degree working. On this occasion eleven Royal Arch Masons were dubbed Knights of the Red Cross.


The Red Cross Degree is only worked on rare occasions within the Royal Arch Chapter of the South Australia and Northern Territory Constitution, the last time had been four years ago.


Royal Arch Masons from various Chapters located around the State, (including as far away as Naracoorte and one Royal Arch Mason from the Duke of Leinster Royal Arch Chapter No.363. I.C.),  gathered in anticipation to be part of this unique degree working.


One Candidate, EComp. James Assheton was the actual Candidate that symbolically took part in the degree working on behalf of all the other ten who viewed the workings from a convenient position within the Chapter room, and who took part in the Ceremony at the appropriate time.


There were many visitors present on the night to view the proceedings.  These had already attained the rank of Knight of the Red Cross - including three visiting Knight Masons from the Duke of Leinster Council of Knight Masons No. 93 - which is equivalent in rank to the degree being worked present on the night to view the proceedings.


The Red Cross of Babylon Degrees form a very old series -  some claim even older than Craft Freemasonry. They are worked within various Masonic structures around the world.  In Irish Freemasonry it is worked within Knight Masonry; in the York Rite it is worked within the Knights Templar; in the Scottish Rite or Rose Croix it is worked as part of the 15th, 16th and 17th Degrees.


After the meeting, all the Sir Knights gathered in the East for a photo session to celebrate the night's achievements and then retired to the festive board to honour the usual toasts appropriate to the occasion.


Congratulations go to the MacDonnell Royal Arch Chapter No. 22 for organising the night which was a complete success and was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance.


The Candidates for the ceremony were:  E. Comp. James Assheton, MacDonnell RAC No.  22, Comp. Phill Kennedy MacDonnell RAC No.  22, Comp. Adrian Antonas, MacDonnell RAC No.  22, Comp. Arturo Larizza, MacDonnell RAC No.  22, Comp. Stephen Merritt, Hawthorn RAC No. 35, Comp. Quinton Scholz, Adelaide RAC No. 1, Comp. Don Martin, Naracoorte RAC No.  20, Comp. Malcolm Johnston, Naracoorte RAC No. 20, Comp. Bruce Ludwig, Naracoorte RAC No. 20 and Comp. Giovanni Caso, Duke of Leinster RAC No.  363 IC.