Brighton Mark Lodge creates a Chapter of History in the story of Mark Masonry in South Australia,

by working the Royal Ark Mariner Ceremony of Elevation, being the first occasion such action has been taken during the 108 year period of Mark Masonry following the formation of “The Grand lodge of Mark Master Masons of South Australia and the Northern Territory” in 1906.


The background to the above being the result of present day membership analysis of both Orders by the Mark and Royal Ark Council and the resultant proposal, approved by the Council to investigate Mark Lodges embracing the Elevation Ceremony. Brighton and Salisbury Mark Lodges being approved to trial the proposal over a 12 month period, from which, further analysis shall be undertaken.


Mark Master Mason is the pre-requisite for membership to Royal Ark Masonry and as such, with present memberships, it is appropriate that consolidation of the two ceremonies of the respective Orders be undertaken.


All Mark Brethren who are not a R.A.M. are eligible for membership by undertaking the Elevation Ceremony. Seven Brighton Mark Brethren (Non-Mariners) undertook the Elevation Ceremony at the March meeting and are now Royal Ark Mariners of Brighton Mark Lodge, with full visiting rights to any Warranted Royal Ark Mariner Lodge.


Mark regalia is retained following Elevation and is acceptable in a R.A.M. Lodge, with the addition of a Royal Ark Mariner Pocket Jewel, presented during the Elevation Ceremony.


The proposal is commended to all members of Mark Masonry.