In what is possibly a World First!, this Jurisdiction has Constituted and Consecrated a new Lodge, to be known as Lodge Copernicus No. 246, to practice the five degrees of pure antient Freemasonry

, namely that of Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, Master M

ason, Mark Master Mason and Royal Arch Mason.


The Lodge will meet as a Craft Lodge on the first Friday of January, March (Installation), May, July September and November. it will be a dining Lodge with tyling at 6.00pm with the formal meeting followed by dinner.


It will meet as a Mark Lodge in the months of April, August and December, with the installation every alternate August, and as a Chapter in the months of February, June and October, with the installation every alternate June.


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Lodge Copernicus No. 246 (Craft)

Copernicus Mark Lodge No. 246

Copernicus Chapter No. 246.



Malcolm Colegate

Grand Secretary