Several members of Lodge Foelsche had read Richard Knight and Robert Lomas’ book “Uriel's Machine: The Ancient Origins of Science”. (Cornerstone, 2001).  The book proffers a broad range of hypotheses, which cover the Great Flood, the Book of Enoch, Archaeoastronomy and Freemasonry. Foelsche’s WM, WBro. Ian Hollingsworth asked RWBro. Colin Hallenstein to lead a discussion about some elements in the book and in particular the relationship of the planet Venus to Freemasonry.



Knight and Lomas state quite bluntly that the blazing star and morning star, which are open for all to see in our Lodge rooms, refer to the planet Venus. Both emblems in our Lodge rooms are pentagons, which is the traditional representation of Venus. And there is no doubt that the conjunction points of the orbits of Earth and Venus around the Sun do form a pentagram – have a look at U-Tube! (


It is also a fact that the cycle of Venus relative to the Earth recurs every eight years: every eight years the Solar, Lunar and star calendars coincide with an accuracy of about two minutes. After five Venusian cycles (40 years) the calendar-clock is accurate to within parts of a second. Until the advent of the atomic clock in the 20th Century, this was gold-standard accuracy. Knight and Lomas write that Neolithic Monuments such as Stonehenge (England) and Newgrange (Boyne Valley Ireland) were used to predict Solar, Lunar and Venusian event and cycles, and were thus important controls for the management of stone age agriculture, animal husbandry, trade, travel and religious observances.


They also suggest that elements of Freemasonry stem from these times through Enoch, and that the blazing star and in particular the morning star, being representations of Venus, symbolise rebirth and reincarnation.


The topic was well received by the Brethren – and reactions ranged from ‘fascinating’, through ‘interesting’ to ‘heretical’!