WBro. Maurie Bartley, who turned 100 years old on Saturday 14th May 2016, was Acting Worshipful Master for the opening of Le Hunte Lodge No. 142 meeting, which was held on Sunday 22nd May, 2016, at Minnipa. The meeting was the conclusion of the Installation because the incoming Worshipful Master, WBro. Alan Price, had not been available prior due to an accident.


After opening the meeting and presiding over the business, WBro. Bartley received the Grand Lodge team led by the Installing Master, VWBro. Kevin Paynter, DGS. and the Deputy Grand Master, RWBro. William (Bill) Merrill (as shown here).


After the meeting, the Brethren retired to join the ladies at the Minnipa Hotel for the luncheon at which WBro. Bartley’s 100th Birthday was again celebrated with the cutting of a cake and best wishes extended. Two Fifty year Jewel veterans, WBro. Doug Elefsen, who was Secretary of Le Hunte Lodge when WBro. Bartley was proposed (and is currently) presented WBro. Bartley with a card signed by all present.


After the luncheon, all Mark Master Masons returned to the Lodge Room for the Franklin Harbour Mark Lodge No. 31 meeting for which WBro. Bartley was Senior Overseer. After the Lodge was opened the Worshipful Master, WBro. Fred Gerschwitz, received the Grand Lodge team led by the Deputy Grand Master, RWBro. David Kitching. During the Ceremony, RWBro. Kitching presented WBro.Bartley with a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the Mark Grand Master, MWBro. John Carter.


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