Wooroora Lodge No 21, which meets in Riverton,  honoured two of their members with the presentation of a third year bar to WBro. Ross Rohde (pictured left) and a 50 year Veteran’s Jewel to RWBro. D. B. (Bill) Walton

(pictured right) on Thursday 7th April, 2016.


MWBro. John Stone was invited to make the presentations, his association with the Rohde family going back to the late 1950's, with RWBro. Walton being MWBro. Stone’s first Junior Grand Warden in 1997.


Bro. Rohde was initiated in Hamley Lodge No 80, a Lodge he served with distinction until that Lodge regrettably had to surrender their Warrant.  Bro. Rohde then joined Wooroora Lodge to continue his Masonic career.


In presenting Bro. Rohde with his third bar, MWBro. Stone mentioned this was the first time he had the pleasure to acknowledge a Freemason who had served  Freemasonry for over 65 years.


Bro. Walton, a very well-known Freemason and respected  from the Riverton/Auburn region was initiated in Wooroora Lodge serving as their Worshipful Master in 1973, since that time he has been the Lodge’s Director of Ceremonies on five different occasions and continues today to be the Lodge Care Officer.  He has represented the Riverton/Auburn area with numerous visits to Lodges in South Australia whilst his term as Junior Grand Warden in 1997-98 was acknowledged by MWBro. Stone, when making the presentation, as being one which contributed significantly to Installation ceremonies. A number of ladies were invited in to the Lodge room to observe these two very important presentations.